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General Rules

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  1. Following are actions that will result in an immediate ban on the first offense:
    1. Underage. IS NOT COPPA COMPLIANT (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). Any users found to be younger than the age of 13 will have their account(s) removed and IP(s) banned.
    2. Scamming. Scamming refers to stealing money without forfeiting goods and/or one of the two parties in a transaction not upholding their side of the deal, resulting in a loss to the other party.
    3. Counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is the creation of an item (a forgery) in an attempt to pass it off as the real thing. Examples of counterfeiting include creating copies of the Caltron 6-in-1 questionnaire and Section-Z map (these are real examples) and selling them as the real thing. Note that giving them away counts too, as this hurts the hobby by injecting fake products into the stream of would-be buyers.
    4. Self-affiliating. NintendoAge pays for its hosting and operations through member donations and affiliate money (i.e., eBay). Users that post links to products, sites and/or auctions containing their own affiliate program identifiers (thus circumventing our primary source of income) will be banned.
    5. Raffles/Lottery. Raffles and lotteries of any type are not allowed on NintendoAge. You may not take in money/items/services/etc in exchange for a chance to win. Threads containing this sort of thing will be removed immediately and you may be banned with out warning.
    6. Gift Cards. The sale or trade of Gift Cards with a monetary amount (such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop etc.) is prohibited. Subscription Cards for current systems may be sold and traded because they are redeemed for a specific service. If you are unsure if your card may be sold or traded here, please PM a Mod before listing it. When posting a FS/FT thread, clearly specify the type of card you are offering and provide pictures if possible. Below are the Subscription Cards that are allowed at this time. 
    7. WTF!?. This is a catch-all for extreme unforeseeable issues that might arise, warranting (and have warranted) immediate banning, such as a user coming to the site screaming the F word or joining just to post links to pr0n sites.
  2. Following are actions that might result in getting banned, typically after one or more warnings:
    1. Name Calling. Name-calling is verbal abuse directed toward an individual or a crude substitute for argument. The person you offended may not know you were joking, or perhaps English isn't their native language and they simply didn't "get it." Either way, name calling isn't acceptable behavior on NintendoAge.
    2. Negativity. Negativity includes meaningless complaining without being constructive. It also includes whining, thread-crapping, and any other words or actions that describe or display negativity.
    3. Flaming. Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between two or more users. Note that this can be a mix of name-calling and negativity, but isn't necessarily restricted to either of those. Constructive arguing is allowed and encouraged so long it doesn't alter the intention and direction of the OP's thread. Create a new thread instead of crapping on someone's thread.
    4. Trolling. Trolling is when someone posts to "bait" users into an argument or other unproductive conduct, typically resulting in flame wars. When you take the bait by replying, it's considered to be "feeding the trolls," and nothing good ever comes of it. Not all trolls get banned, which is why we give members the ability to ignore trolls (see: My Foes).
    5. Sock Puppeteering/Multiple Accounts. Sock puppeteering is when a member creates multiple accounts for the sole purpose of disrupting the site (for the good or the bad). Sometimes the intention is playful, and other times it is with malicious intent. If a member is found with multiple accounts, the unused accounts will be deleted. If malicious intent is discovered, the member will be banned. If you have multiple accounts please PM your favorite (or least favorite) MOD ASAP and let them know which accounts they are and which one you want to keep. If a member is found to have multiple accounts and a MOD has not been notified, all accounts will be suspended until there is an explaination from that member. Multiple accounts are not allowed under any circumstance and may result in a permanant ban from Nintendo Age.
    6. NSFW. Do not post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content without including "NSFW" in the thread title. Be respectful of other members and keep in mind that some people are at work when checking the site and objectionable content could get them fired. Some people on NintendoAge are under the age of 18. We do not like to censor, but will if we feel it's appropriate.
    7. Inappropriate Signatures. See the Signatures section for more information.
    8. Posting of Private Messages. Do not post private messages, unless the sender and recipient of the message are OK with it being posted. This is why they're called "Private" instead of "Public" messages.
    9. Call-outs. Do not "call out" users unless you have exhausted all means of communication with that user. Give other members the benefit of the doubt first. If you cannot contact that user after multiple attempts, contact a moderator; if the moderator is unsuccessful, it will be handed to an admin; if the admin is unsuccessful, then you are allowed to post a "ping" message to ask if anyone has seen or heard from that user. Keep the message to the point and on track with factual information, without embellishment -- keep your cool, and keep it clean. Most of the time there's a reason a user has become unresponsive (ie, a death in the family, unexpected travel, laziness, etc).
    10. Panhandling. Panhandling (aka begging, Internet begging, cyber-begging, or internet panhandling) is basically asking people to give you stuff for free. A variant of this we've seen here at NintendoAge is asking for things in a less-than-supplicating manner, by promising to take nearly-nude photographs of yourself with items given to you (for free). Giving is a great thing, and we definitely encourage it in this community, but we do it for the sake of doing it, not to get something in return.
    11. Reproductions of released boxes, manuals, labels, paperwork, etc....  The discussion or distribution of exact (or very similar) reproduction labels, boxes, manuals or paperwork is not allowed on NintendoAge in any form. Any threads or posts on this topic will be subject to editing and the user will be contacted by a NintendoAge moderator. Violating this rule can result in permanent removal from NintendoAge.

      If you are a reproduction maker, and you're reproducing copyrighted materials, you're responsible for your actions. We do not endorse or condone reproducing work that is protected under copyright law. If we feel your project does not align with the spirit of our community, it will be removed or locked.

      If you are the copyright owner and you see someone violating your intellectual property by reproducing your work, please contact and we will promptly remove the offending content.
  3. Actions that may result in forfeiture of certain site privileges:
    1. Reneging. Reneging is backing out of a mutually-accepted deal. In addition to getting a negative from the other user, the reneger might lose his/her privilege to use the transaction system and lose all established feedback.
    2. Spam Posting. Spam posting (aka 'spamming') is when a member posts excessively to raise their post count, or tends to only post responses of fewer than 10 words, in an attempt to make it look as though they're a productive poster. If a user is caught spamming, we'll reset that user's post count to 0 permanently so that it is no longer an issue. Tip: the only acceptible form of post spamming is to welcome new members in the Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself topic area. It's also a way to get your post count higher if it's that important to you.
    3. Site Abuse. Abuse of {insert site feature here} will result in the user losing the privilege to use {insert site feature here}. This pretty much sums up the majority of the site.
  4. Random tid-bits we really shouldn't have to tell you:
    1. Shouting. Please refrain from writing thread titles and/or replies in ALL-CAPS. IT'S NOT POLITE TO SHOUT AND WE CAN HEAR YOU VERY WELL ALREADY. If you would like to provide emphasis to a word or phrase, consider using bold-faced text, italics or change the color of your text so that it stands out.
    2. I'm leaving threads. Why, "I'm leaving NintendoAge because..." threads are not allowed:

      Look, we get it. You're probably butt-hurt over something and need to vent. Understandable. Start up a constructive thread and use communication as your means to find a solution to your issue(s). Alternatively, you can PM a moderator or administrator if it's a private issue that you need assistance with. But if you need us to talk you into staying and feel the need to create a thread crying about why you're leaving NintendoAge, don't. It will be deleted. Frankly, it's no one's job to coddle you in a hobby that should be fun and not taken so seriously.

      Do yourself a favor, and go outdoors, take a walk and relax. Think about why you're feeling the way you are because in most cases, it's you, not NintendoAge, that's the problem. Is your hobby too much stress to you? Maybe it's time  to leave. Is your personal life in turmoil? Maybe you need a professional to talk to. What I'm getting at is that you're crying out for help, but you're doing it in a way that's not productive and not something we care to listen to on the site. Take it elsewhere.
  5. How disruptions are typically handled:
    1. The offender(s) will be warned.
    2. The offender(s) will be warned.
    3. The offender(s) will be warned.
    4. The offender(s) will lose privileges.
    5. The offender(s) will be drugged, bitch-slapped then corn-holed. Repeatedly.
    6. The offender(s) will be banned.
    7. Under rare circumstances that warrant it, the offender(s) will be reported to law enforcement (local police,,, etc).
  6. Helpful terminology, acronyms and lingo:
    1. NA or NAGE = NintendoAge. This is commonly used as a shortcut to typing, "NintendoAge".
    2. OP = Original Poster. This is the person who started the thead.
    3. VG = Video Game. This one is used a lot.
    4. PM = Private Message. Members can contact other members through the NintendoAge messaging system.
    5. OBO = Or Best Offer. Used when selling items. Sometimes OBO can result in items selling for more than the asking price. This is perfectly acceptable.
    6. BST = Buy, Sell & Trade. This is the term used to refer to the Buy, Sell & Trade topic area of the forum.
    7. BIN = Buy-it-Now. Auction listings that are available for instant purchase, allowing a buyer to bypass the auction process.
    8. CIB = Complete In Box
    9. CIB = Cart + Instructions + Box (alternate version)
    10. (CB), (CI), (IB) = Cart + Box, Cart + Instructions, Instructions + Box. These are commonly seen on sale or trade posts, next to the game indicating what's included.
    11. Thread-crapping - when someone make one or more off-topic posts that derail the original direction and intent of the thread.
    12. Back-dooring - when someone contacts a seller behind an auction winner's back and offers to pay more money for the item than the winning price. Unfortunately, this is a very common practice, and is highly frowned upon.
    13. Game-specific acronyms, such as MTPO (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!), LoZ (Legend of Zelda), etc. Hint: a lot of these are built into the game database and simply searching for them will show you the game title.
    14. R1, R2, R3,...R10 = Rarity scale, from 1 to 10, 10 being the rarest. These rarities are often referred to by their "R" scale, as in "R9" or "R10" and represent the rarity of items (i.e., carts, boxes, and manuals).
    15. Sticky - a term used to indicate that a forum thread has been edited to stay at the top of a primary listing page for a custom period of time.

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