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  1. Question: How many NTSC games are there for the NES?
    1. Answer: 768
      Note that these counts include games that were released under different publishers, like Caltron and Myriad 6-in-1 (same game, different publisher).
  2. Question: Where can I get information about 3 versus 5 screw carts?
    1. Answer: The original reference for this was written by Dain in the Volume 1 Issue 2: October 2007 issue of the NintendoAge e-Zine (pages 6-8). Since that time, many new variations (and flukes) have been discovered. Info for these discovering can be found here:
  3. Question: What is AGE Expo?
    1. Answer: In 2008 held an epxo in Knoxville, TN, as a way to bring everyone together. We ended up only having about 300 attendees, but it was an amazingly fun time and many of the original attendees are still friends to this day. We've also held several campout events and plan to hold additional events in the future.
  4. Question: Will there be another AGE Expo?
    1. Answer: Maybe at some point. Since the first expo, we've grown by thousands of members, and while I think it would be possible to put another one on, there are already so many great shows around.
  5. Question: Is there a list of known scammers?
    1. Answer: Yes. The Hall of Shame, run by the HOS Master, is an extensive list of people you should avoid dealing with. The NintendoAge Hall of Shame v4.0 can be found here:
  6. Question: Is it better to start off collecting cart-only or complete-in-box (CIB)?
    1. Answer: This isn't a definitive answer, and there are exceptions to this advice, so choose the path that makes the most sense to you. If you think you'll ever want boxes and manuals, it's typically cheaper in the long run to collect CIB to start with, buying up bulk lots. Hunting down boxes and manuals, at a later stage in your collecting, typically requires buying complete games just to get an item you need (since many collectors won't split up a game just to part it out). If you only want games for playing, then collect cart-only.
  7. Question: How does NintendoAge pay for itself?
    1. Answer: We operate solely on donations from our members and referral income generated through affiliate programs with sites like eBay, Amazon and, and potentially others at some point. When you visit one of these sites from NintendoAge and purchase an item, we get a small commission. In no way does this affect your purchase price whatsoever, but it does help us pay the ~$650/month bill to keep the site open on a multi-server setup. We also try to hold a donation drive at least once every year or two.
  8. Question: How can I delete a transaction?
    1. Answer: Transactions cannot be deleted, however, they will stop appearing in your queue after a certain number of days depending on the type:
      • Pending transactions automatically expire after 90 days.
      • Cancelled transactions automatically expire after 7 days.
  9. Question: How do I remove "New" from my name?
    1. Answer: The "New" icon will appear next to your name for 30 days.

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