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If you're caught spam posting, we'll permantently set your post count to 0 and I'll have Uncle Tusk come up with an embarrassing title for you. He'd have fun.

Question: Why did you choose [insert name here] for a user title?
Answer: We're less than original and these were all we could come up with at the time we did it.

Posts Title Reference
0 Cherub Chubby Cherub
20 Tourian Tourist Metroid
50 Little Mac Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
100 Crack Trooper ??? (oops, old age)
200 Eggplant Wizard Kid Icarus
500 Meka Chicken Alfred Chicken
1000 El Ripper Metroid
1500 Lolo Lord Adventures of Lolo
2000 Kraid Killer Metroid
2500 Ridley Wrangler Metroid
3000 King Solomon Solomon's Key
5000 Bowser Super Mario Bros.
7500 Master Higgins Adventure Island
10000 Wiz's Mom Ask NationalGameDepot
13000 Purple Ganon (it's a secret)  SHHH
15000 Bonk Bonk's Adventure

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