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June 28, 2019¤ by Gloves 

Is there any way back from a shipping nightmare?

We're no strangers to horror stories of rare and expensive games shipped by less than safe means (Really? A plain white envelope?); a lost game is generally a lost cause... Once the shipping company claims an item lost there's not much recourse to get your purchased item, and when this item is rare the sting can be quite real. A refund on the cost of the item is possible (not guaranteed), but certainly the item itself is lost to the original buyer.

But here we have something of a rollercoaster of a shipping story. I won't spoil it too hard as it's a neat read, so check it out on the forum:

June 21, 2019¤ by Gloves 

Poop Slinger PS4 Steam PC

Sometimes an April Fool's joke becomes a real thing, and this is apparently one of those cases. The Poop Slinger physical release from Limited Rare Games, a crappy (heh) game for the PS4 (which can be had digitally for $4.99 on the PSN Store) actually arrived in peoples' hands and the internet has gone a little crap-happy over it. Not so much that the game is great or that anyone loves it or anything, but it's apparently SO rare that it may actually be THE most rare game to be released ever with only 84 recorded sales from the pre-order drive. Only time will tell considering that Sony requires a minimum of 1,000 copies to be printed in order to be licensed.

Surely the other 900+ must exist SOMEWHERE, but the company in charge (Limited Rare Games...) claims to not have them and to have gone bankrupt. Maybe the remaining games were seized by a bank, or maybe this is all some elaborate joke by another similarly named company... a "long con" if you will.

Click here to join us as we contemplate what this means for collectors everywhere in the discussion thread on the forum.

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