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NA-95162 - Awesome NA buyer, quick payment and solid communication. A+!
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NA-78834 - paid instantly, good guy to deal with. thanks again!
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NA-74670 - Is a man of honor... paid quickly. Wrestles alligators for charity.
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9/30/14 - Cunt Punch
  September 30, 2014  
Here's a new blog for my next game project.  

Cunt Punch:  The Revenge of the Harbinger

9.12.11 - New Blogs!
  September 12, 2012  
So, nobody reads this.  I decied to make this thread so that I get more attention and hopefull more motivation to get things moving.  I enjoy working on this stuff, so I want to be motivated.  Also, I've never understood why most programmers choose to keep their work a secret.  People like homebrews and often confuse them with reproductions.  Hopefully this will help to remove some heads from asses.  Homebrews are not fucking repros.

8/24/12 - WTF? A month already?
  August 24, 2012  
So, my fan keeps bitching at me because I haven't updated this in a while. 

I am currently working on the art for level 5 of Nightman.  It's a slow process because I'm not exactly sure how I want it to look.  The previous levels I had a clear picture in my head so the art went quickly.  This one is taking forever because I am clueless.  I think that I'm about done.  It should look okay, just might not be as detailed as the others.  If I ever get it done, I'll post a picture. 

If someone has any extra time laying around, I'd be buying. 

ETA:  Oh, and I can't believe that it's been almost a year since BAN.  I need to get busy!!

7/24/12 - 6 months and the return of the Nightman
  July 24, 2012  
So, I worked on Nightman for the first time since fucking November today!  I have the art and such sorted out for the overworld and levels 1-4.  Now, this will be my howeverth many attempt at Nightman.  We'll see how it goes.  I really want to get this game moving and I think that I've figured out how I want to do it now.  Hopefully I can start working it into my spare time. 

Thanks for reading and I hope it won't be so freaking long until the next post.

1/17/12: The Grind: An Update
  January 17, 2012  

Just a quickie. 

I got the basics worked out.  The thing runs and the collision detection is working nicely.     Amazing how quickly it comes now. 

All 4 rooms load.  Pause routine works great.  Animation works fine.  Still have to add a bunch of sprite interactions.  But it is coming along nicely.   

More updates as more interesting things happen.

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