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Unorthodox Dragon Warrior visits the Midwest Gaming Classic 2018
  August 17, 2018

Once, there was a game called Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System, known in other realms as Dragon Quest. They say that it was the first RPG, the beginning of a new genre. Legend has it that it was once so plentiful it was given away for free. Now, hidden away in closets, garages, and caves, join the Unorthodox Dragon Warrior as he ventures on the mightiest of quests: collecting 1000 copies of the same game.

Interview includes some guy in a Mario suit. Highlights from the day would be the number of vendors who don't have copies and haggling with those who do. Music used by permission of the minstrels who made it, the Descendants of Erdrick. The song used was "Fortune Smiles Upon Thee" from their album Advent.

The Unorthodox Dragon Warrior Collection -
Midwest Gaming Classic -
Descendants of Erdrick -

Video Game Exchange (#536-538)
Universal Collectibles (#539)
Sam (#540)
Broadway Resale (#541)
Play It Retro (#542-546)
Jeremy (#547)
Pac-Man Shop (#548-549)
Collect Retro (#550)
Tyler (#551, Factory Sealed)

Shot on the fly, edited on the cheap, and totally unscripted production by me, owner of the The Unorthodox Dragon Warrior Collection. Many have been the warrior who have perished on this quest. May the light shine upon, thee!

MAGFest 2016: "The best MAGFest video you'll never see."
  January 03, 2017  
MAGFest 2016: "The best MAGFest video you'll never see."

MAGFest is upon us once again (January 5-8, 2017), which means it was time for me to edit all my footage from last year. This is coverage of MAGFest 2015 that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age and the Let's Play Gaming Expo. My longest video to date, I submit that this is all killer and no filler. I'll take the Pepsi challenge against anyone else's video, I'm that confident in this editing feat.

Interviews include some of my favorite artists in the vendor area, the guys behind my favorite event "Zombie Tag", and a quick chat with fellow NA member "K3VBOT" on how he's helping put the spotlight on homebrew games for the NES! Highlights would be all the behind-the-scenes footage of throwing a giant con, a newly created product for my production company, and all the fun that goes with taking a small green screen across country!

MAGFest -
Nintendo Age -
Let's Play Gaming Expo -

Adam Shub aka "Square Painter" -
Game Goons -
Laser-cut Wooden Robots -
Fizz Man Industries -
Mega Man-athon -

Wreck the System -
Random aka "Mega Ran" -
Yuu Miyake -
Super Guitar Bros. -


Let's Play Gaming Expo 2015
  August 21, 2015  
Let's Play Gaming Expo - NintendoAge Recap

Welcome to the cribs edition of "better get to know your local game expo" hosted by me! This is coverage of the Let's Play Gaming Expo that I edited for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age.

No Interviews this time around, instead you get a full tour of LPGE in all its first year glory. Highlights include the first ever two player Virtual Boy Street Fighter tournament, some really rare and underground Nintendo vinyl, and a grand total of 89 working arcade machines!

Nintendo Age -
Let's Play Gaming Expo -

Epic Gaming Lounge -
Tourney Locator -
Roll2Play -
IGDA Dallas -

Ryan Little:
Strong Suit:
Revolution Void:

Midwest Gaming Classic 2015
  April 29, 2015

Last month was the Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC), and I was there! This is coverage of MGC, that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age. Interviews include Doc Mack from Galloping Ghost Arcade talking about new and rare cabs, and Troy Roberts from Galactavision schooled me on the Occulus and what the future of 3D gaming holds! 

Highlights from the weekend would be the MGC cosplay contest, with special surprise winner, Zack from Warlocks, Games, and Beer being inappropriate, and for me, getting to meet so many of the guys off of NintendoAge in person!

Did I mention that the Let's Play Gaming Expo is happening August 1st and 2nd?  

Midwest Gaming Classic -
Nintendo Age -
Let's Play Gaming Expo -

Doc Mack -
Zach Jernigan -
Troy Roberts -
missingNo. -

Super! BitCon 2015
  April 10, 2015

I had so much fun at Super! BitCon two weeks ago, that I actually sat down and edited footage right away! This is coverage of Super! BitCon, that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age. Interviews include Joe Sullivan, owner of a full MACS set, and Orange Rex, all around cool dude and once upon a time a play tester for Nintendo.

Highlights from the weekend would be the Let's Play Gaming Expo competition kart rolling around with one of only a dozen copies of PowerFest 94. Sadly, this was not it's first appearance, but the second since the actual Nintendo event in 1994. 

Did I mention that the Let's Play Gaming Expo is happening August 1st and 2nd?  

Super! BitCon -
Nintendo Age -
Let's Play Gaming Expo -
Joe Sullivan -
Orange Rex -
The Game Chasers -
RetroUSB -

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