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July 15, 2019¤ by Ferris Bueller 

Oh man, two posts in a row for LPGE? You're reading that right, they're making the most interactive of merchandise, a brand new game for the Nintendo NES using all new parts. There will only be 300 copies made ever and they will only be available for sale at the show. Even the cart shells are special, two new colors that will never be used again! 

A top down RPG where you play as a volunteer at the Expo, Convention Quest was designed and produced by The 6502 Collective, a joint effort of Retrotainment Games and Sole Goose Productions. Walk around an 8-bit version of the show and interact with NPCs both in the game and real life! It's a full CIB release that will be completely protected thanks to our sponsor, this game is completely certified as #8BitLegit. Lots of links to follow!


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