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Exertainment questions

 Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 10:04:30 PM 
Ozzy_98 (8)
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For a while I was thinking the two Exertainment snes games were sold with the bike, as in, if you wanted the speedracer combo pack, you got it when you bought the exercise bike.  I'm honestly not sure where I got this idea, but I just never honestly thought about it till a while ago.  

How were the two games sold?  Were they packaged in with the system, mail order, sold in special shops? For me, I keep games seperate as "retail" and "non-retail".  Special event items (like NWC), even if you could buy them, were non-retail to me if they were used, lose carts only.  But these have boxes, the full retail package with a UPC, and are not used when you bought them.   Did life fitness just sell them seperate?  I didn't think it needed the bike to actually work, so did it ever see normal store shelves?

Oh well, at least it's less puzzeling than "blockbuster exclusives" that I've never, ever seen with blockbuster stickers. 

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 Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 01:52:09 AM 
theirontoupee (53)

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As far as I know they weren't on regular store retail shelves with MBR being sold via mail order with the LC3500X. I think that the MBR/SR combo had retail packaging because they could be sold separately because the bikes could function without them if necessary.

For example, the standard LC3500 has the necessary port at the bottom to connect to the XMOD, but otherwise is a standard exercise bike. You could order the Exertainment portion from the company separately if you wanted to adapt your regular 3500 to the Exertainment system. I would also guess the same with the 9XS since maybe some gyms didnt want the extra game and juat wanted the TV/cable options and left the SNES alone? Maybe PhearedPhool has some packing slips or order forms for the 9XS he could look at.
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