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October 22, 2016¤ by Ferris Bueller 

That's right, this weekend is the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, now in it's eleventh year. Anybody and everybody is here. Pat the NES Punk? Check. Angry Video Game Nerd? Check. The Completionist? Check. Dain, the evil overlord? I haven't seen him, but I'm going to say he's coming, too! 

No joke, these are just a few of the people that were here today: Uncle Tusk (running the Classic Tetris World Championship), bunnyboy, QixMaster, Sole Goose Productions, thesubcon3 (all vending) and of course, the Gwyndion super sale. You also have Ferris Bueller wandering around for the Earthbound documentary and toshi5o3 (A Winner is You) will be performing live in concert Saturday night at 9:45 PM. I'm hearing there will be holograms. Legit.

Tickets are available at the door all weekend. If you're not here, you should be on your way right now. See you tomorrow!

October 19, 2016¤ by Dain 

Remember when you were a kid? What were the things that were important to you? For some of us, it was video games. If you enjoy the escape to the electronic world, the thrill of the hunt like going to yard sales and flea markets; Reality TV shows like 'American Pickers'- then we’ve got a FILM FOR YOU!

Visit 'The Bits of Yesterday' on Kickstarter


If you like documentaries about video games, and want filmmakers to continue making them, consider dropping in and supporting the film. For more information on how you can help this project, visit the Kickstarter page. Oh, and full disclosure: your fearless Evil Overlord (Dain) was interviewed for the film, so be sure to help support the project!

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