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September 19, 2017¤ by Ferris Bueller 

That's right, Retrotainment has a new Kickstarter up, it's already funded so it's a sure bet, and it feels like we haven't seen anything this expansive and new in quite some time. Here's what the guys behind the project had to say,
Originally posted by: Retrotainment Games

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new NES game that we've been working on called Full Quiet. Different from anything that we've attempted, different from anything in the NES catalog.
One morning you find that something has taken your son; you must find him. Deep within the forest you'll encounter strange, cryptic creatures and beasts; some who will help you, some who wish to destroy everything that you hold dear. Eradicate those who have taken him from you and restore order to the forest.
Upgrade your equipment, learn the mysteries of the forest and its unknown inhabitants, solve puzzles, hunt down enemy creatures, befriend helpful creatures, and craft new objects to accomplish your mission: find your son and silence the forest.

Sounds ominous! Below is some weird trailer I found on Youtub, followed by some actual gifs from the Kickstarter campaign. Get it while you can, because this new game for the NES looks amazing! Test carts are gone, but still lots of other options available.



September 05, 2017¤ by Dain 

Six and a half years ago, 2 great minds came together and were greatly inspired by the legendary NintendoAge Campouts of old.  Inspired they were in the creation of NintendoAge Edmonton. An idea that would fail immensely before being resurrected from the dark murky grave of their private NA thread. That very idea then sprouted and grew into a unstoppable mega force faction, will be merrily gathering for their 10th meet up on September 24th 2017.  It will be 3 years 6 months and 23 days since the first NAE Meet up which was held back on a freezing wintery afternoon on March 02 2014. Back then none of them truly realized the friendships they were embarking on that fateful day. The awkwardness of meeting a group of total strangers that collected classic video games started off more like an AA meeting rather than a hobby group meeting. Everyone sat on chairs in a circle introducing themselves and stating their collecting poison of choice. Little did they know 1303 days later, they would be going strong at their tenth meet up. 
The group had their fair share of highs with new members joining, then quickly becoming loyal patrons and the wildcat meet ups at the local Nexwave Game Stores. With highs also comes the lows, with members blasting off into space or disappearing completely without a trace. They bounced around from venue to venue until they found their current home. A cathedral of righteous splendour which will harness the immense collector spirit for the 5th meet up in a row. Some how through it all, the core group of Gaming Collector Wizards has stayed together and continues to have stellar meet ups through out the year. 
It is often said in many hobbies that the best part about them are the people you meet along the was. Judging from this league of legends, that statement is completely legit.
If you will be in the Edmonton area and would like to attend the meet up, please contact either myself killerkobra or Krunch for all the juicy details.  


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