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January 08, 2018¤ by Ferris Bueller 

Towards the end of last year, Retrotainment launched a successfully funded campaign for their latest homebrew Full Quiet. The teasers for the game look amazing and they're doing a lot of interesting things on the Nintendo. But what if you didn't hear about this awesome new adventure and missed out? Not to worry! Retrotainment recently sent out their backer surveys and simultaneously opened the game up for pre-orders if you missed the initial campaign! Go on over to BackerKit and you can order just the cart, a CIB, or the Limited Edition copy of Full Quiet in a silver NES shell. It looks super rad.

January 01, 2018¤ by Dain 

It’s been a long time coming, but The New 8-bit Heroes documentary hits Amazon today! After three years of filming, this documentary about NES homebrew development has enjoyed a successful international festival run and won some noteworthy awards, including Best Documentary at GenCon, Best Gaming Film at Origins Film Festival, and several others. It features many familiar faces from this community, including us at Nintendo Age, and truly shows the labor of love that is homebrew NES development with plenty of pleasant surprises along the way.

The film is far more than just a step by step procedural of making a new NES game. It is truly an exploration into the value of ambitions we leave in our youth, and the unexpected consequences of reintroducing them into our adult lives. It’s not just about game development. Anyone who has ever dabbled in any creative endeavor will find that this film’s themes resonate with them.

Here is the trailer.


This film is a great way to begin 2018. Here’s how you can watch it on Amazon right now!

If you are in the US:
If you are in the UK:

Also, for those that are interested in seeing over two hours of bonus material including extended interviews, cut scenes, and an entire featurette from the abandoned documentary about the influence of the Legend of Zelda on the modern creative landscape, the blu-ray is also available at

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